What is DadBods? 

It's pretty simple...put in the work, be consistent, and help redefine "DadBod"

Whether you are a dad or not, the DadBods Program is designed to get, and keep men strong, fit, healthy and balanced. Training in a group setting with like minded guys is a bonus.

Get and stay 'Dad' strong. Strength training should be fun and challenging, and we'll make sure it is. Every workout builds  YOUR ability to move better, get stronger and stay athletic.

Have energy and keep up!  Admittedly less fun than strength training... count on improving your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. And doing it in a group setting makes it a lot more fun, and maybe a bit competitive.

Get loose! Thorough, dynamic warm ups might be the most 

important part of this program, because no one wants to be hurt. Spending sufficient time on mobility will make you move better, exercise better, and prevent injuries.

Training well is part big of your fitness,  which we'll take care of in-session. But eating well, sleeping well and drinking enough water can't be ignored. We'll help improve all aspects, and once you start training the others tend to snowball in the right direction.





Book a 6 or 12 Class Pass Now!

Register now for a 6 or 12 class pack to our DadBods Bootcamp and use them at any of the classes running on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am or Saturday at 10:45am at our South Etobicoke location, Jeff Healey Park.