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Nutrition Programs


Introducing a monthly nutrition membership designed to help you stay on track.   Preparing meals for yourself and your family has never been so easy!  


This new service includes an easy-to-use Meal Planning tool customized to your nutrition goals based on the foods you love to eat.  We create personalized recipe bank using whole foods based on your food preferences so you never feel deprived or hungry.  

What's Included:

  1. One 20 min 1:1 coaching session with Meagan, our Nutrition Coach

  2. Access to an online meal planning tool with My Clean Life

  3. Personalized recipe book, updated monthly based on your food preferences

  4. Private community forum to share and ask questions

  5. First 30-days checklist for new members

  6. Exclusive tips and resources updated weekly

This program is for you if:

  • You're tired of starting ANOTHER diet

  • You are overwhelmed with the nutrition information out there

  • You're ready to start a new chapter with food

  • You want to stop counting calories and tracking every single bite

  • You're confused about what and when to eat

  • You want to improve your body image

  • You want to enjoy life's celebrations without worrying about what to eat or if you will overeat

$69 per month, with a commitment of 6 months for optimum results.



BIO: Meagan Lord, Holistic Nutrition Coach

I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Instructor and mom of two .  After years of struggling with weight gain, yo-yo dieting, food intolerances and disordered eating patterns, I decided to take control of the situation and dive into nutrition, fitness and the psychology of weight loss.  


My goal is to help others cut through the information overload of dieting and live a balanced lifestyle through flexible daily habits, easy to follow family recipes and working with your body and hormones, instead of against them. 


Change is hard but with the right support, tools and knowledge, there are no limits! 

Book a free 20 minute consult with Meagan,
our Nutrition Coach
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