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My Postpartum Fitness Journey: Week 1

It’s been just over 1 week since we brought baby Kaleigha home! Things have been going great ever since my milk came in around day 4. She eats and sleeps, I can’t really ask for more.

I’m excited to document my postpartum fitness journey this time around. After having experienced two pregnancies I can say that every pregnancy and therefore postpartum experience is different. With Bella my first, I gained over 50lbs, much of it water weight as I was very swollen near the end. She was breech and I delivered her at 38 weeks via cesarean and she weighed 6lbs 12oz. It took 4 months for me to get back to pre baby weight, but I was still soft and gushy. It wasn’t until I stopped nursing at 10 months that I lost the last 5lbs of stubborn fat and gained most of muscle back to ‘look and feel’ like I did before having a baby. This is when I launched my Fit Mama Training business.

About 2 years later, we became pregnant again. With baby Kaleigha, I gained just over 35lbs, and had a physically active pregnancy (as Fit Mama). I delivered her at 39 weeks by Vbac (vaginal birth after c-section) and she weight 8lbs. So here we are one week later, I’ve lost 18lbs in the first week and have 20lbs to go! The recovery with a vaginal delivery is incredibly different. I was able to teach a kids yoga class the other day and once I’m cleared after 2 weeks I will continue training again. The recovery for a cesarean is 6 weeks and you do not want to rush getting back into working out until you’ve completely healed or you risk causing your body more harm than good. As I said though, everybodys experience will be different and you have to listen to your body (and your doctor). So... here we go into my second week. Im going to let my body do what it is naturally supposed to do: my uterus is shrinking slightly every day, and my body is eliminating excess fluids and blood. My first priority is ensuring healthy milk supply so I’m going to focus on my diet. I have no limitations when it comes to sweets and treats, because hey I just pushed out a baby. I deserve a little indulgence ;).

I will begin my postpartum training after week 2 and will be recording every workout so you can follow along if you are a new mom as well!! I will share these on my YouTube channel and in IGTV. I look forward to seeing you on my fitness journey!


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