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Classes are 30 & 45 minutes in length.  

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⇨Minimal equipment: Pair of light and/or medium weight dumbbells, mini resistance band.

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Class Descriptions

(Schedule in EST)

Strong Mom (30 Minutes) 

This class begins with a yoga warmup followed by a strength series using your bodyweight.  We will finish with core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises.  No equipment required.  This class is open to everyone!  New mamas, bring your babies, who will be incorporated into the workout where possible.

Gentle Core (30 Minutes) 

Strengthening the core is a whole body function, and not just a focus on specific core exercises.  It incorporates proper breathing, good form and improving core stabilization. Equipment required will vary and may include light weights and mini resistance bands.  

Fit Mama Full Body (45 Minutes)

A combination of upper and lower body strength training exercises.  Expect to squat, lunge, push, pull and more.  Equipment required: light and medium weights (and mini resistance bands for the Full Body & Band class)

So Hard Core & Cardio (45 Minutes)

A combination of core focused exercises mixed with high intensity cardio to burn fat overall and strengthen the mid section.  Equipment will vary.

Fit Mama HIIT (30 Minutes)

A short intense cardio based workout.  Expect to sweat for the full 30 minutes!  No equipment required.

Fit Mama Upper Body & Core (45 Minutes)

A strength training class focused on building a strong upper body, arms, chest, back and core.  Equipment required: Light and medium weight dumbbells.

So Barre Core (45 Minutes)

A fun and fiery barre workout that targets your entire body to create an endurance-building, muscle-shaking burn that will leave you feeling refreshed and stronger.  This workout takes you through mat work, strength exercises and  bursts of cardio.

Equipment:  Optional light weights (1-3lbs), a resistance band, and a table, chair or wall.

Tabata (30 Minutes)

This is a high intensity interval training class consisting of exercises that last 20 seconds with only 10 seconds of rest in between.  Your heart rate will be racing for the whole 20 minutes.  We will begin with a great mobility warm up and cool down.  No equipment needed.

Leg Day (45 Minutes)

Grab your heavier weights for this gritty leg focused workout.  Expect to squat, lunge, deadlift and much more.  Equipment required: medium to heavy weight dumbbells or kettlebells.